Pondering down a lonely road being as badass as humanely possible. This is for all my introverts out there who are tired of being lonesome. For all my lonely stoners out there just trying to make a friend in this cold ass world. Education is essential, y'all listen up to your teachers.

My hair after a workout with @pumpupapp

New platform. New additions. New blog post! https://iamozel.squarespace.com/cooking-chronicles/2014/7/27/thai-chicken-with-ginger-carrot-salad

Just imagine the noise, the crowd, the bright city lights and the mixture of negative and positive atmosphere disappearing into the vast, blue ocean that escape allows for serenity, indulgence in the woman of your dreams and of course, a clear conscious💫 (presso gentlemenstable.com)




"The feel of the soft, oatmeal sand brushing the pads of my feet, the sensual sound of the waves gently crashing up one the shore and the warm, salty aroma filing my nostrils is the exact ambiance I needed to surround myself in"
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Copper tinted legs

My little love bug.

Working on some stuff for you guys. Self shooting is no joke. #iamozel #comingsoon
My wind down. A snack and Netflix🍫🍓
Loose white v-neck and denim jeans. How original of me right?