Pondering down a lonely road being as badass as humanely possible. This is for all my introverts out there who are tired of being lonesome. For all my lonely stoners out there just trying to make a friend in this cold ass world. Education is essential, y'all listen up to your teachers.


I do not understand how she can just sit there quietly, gazing upon this seemingly perfect, red-orange circle, with everything that is going on around her. Safely tucked behind my favorite willow tree, I watch as monkeys ferociously feed on one another’s fur, on the branches of the oak tree above her. Then of course, there are the two squirrels that run back and forth before her feet, scratching and biting one another rather than just splitting the nut among them. And my how I am amazed, the way she ignores those fiery, red specs angrily tumbling over each other across her soft hands that lay planted in the plush grass beneath her. There are the birds in the sky trying to push each other down as if the sky is not big enough for them to share. And although I love the beauty of a sunset, who can ignore that every evening the moon forces the sun to relinquish her place in the sky, creating this amazing blend of color?  I can hardly focus on the beautiful red-orange masterpiece before me. Partially because I cannot fathom how one person is allowed to contain that much beauty. Yet, mainly because surrounding all of her beauty and the magnificent glory of this sunset, is so much madness and chaos between those of the same species. Maybe these mushrooms are just starting to come into effect.


I do not understand why that creepy boy from the floor above me is stalking me from behind that deathly looking willow tree, while I try to admire the beauty of the most serene part of my day. The way the golden sun melts into that beautiful blend of red and orange almost makes me want to release the waters I have sunken within my tear ducts. Maybe he also enjoys the solace instilled by gazing upon this vibrant wonder of infinite space. Or maybe he admires how this luscious green grass sways every time the wind whispers her secrets into the depths of the heavens. However, he may just really like trees and I do happen to be sitting under one of the most amazing oak trees I have ever laid my eyes upon. I wonder if he too knows this a southern live oak tree. The way its enormous branches cave over the ground beneath it, with its forest leaves that sometime falls onto my head ever so gracefully. I hope his eyes are not fixated upon this hideous condition of psoriasis trailing across my once soft hands. I am truly disgusted and extremely self-conscious about the way these red and pink blotches make it appear as though my inner flesh is being revealed to the public. No, it has to be this sunset that he is just admiring, same as me. Then again, maybe he is just as high off this marijuana as I am and enjoys the details of nature.


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[n., adj. in-truh-vurt; v. in-truh-vurt]

a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings

Blazer: H&M

Belt: River Island

Stockings: Nordstrom

Shoes: Nasty Gal Shoe Cult

Top & Shorts: Rihanna for River Island

She plays every note as if a million eyes are upon her, even though sometimes it’s just the two of them. Those millions of eyes usually get an encore to what she just performed for her dear beloved. There are lyrics unheard by any ears but theirs, songs sacred to them. Every time she gets ready to bless a crowd with her gift of melodic love, he desires to capture her with his lens to document each special moment. It is when she is lost in her music that she is most vulnerable and natural, which is his favorite state to catch her in.

She has a message to spread that she knows is best received through her solo acts. Aside from her voice, her hands and her instrument, everything else is superfluous. She’s introverted, but by no means shy. She can perform countless numbers in front of thousands of strangers, known to her as fans. Yet, she has never yearned to keep a large amount of individuals in her corner.



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Pre-Fall 2014

So if you haven’t seen the inside of my closet, then you’re unaware of how “awfully boring” my color palette is, as some of my friends put it anyways. Aside from the grayscale, navy, burgundy, army green and beige, I don’t see the need to adopt any other color. I literally have one color palette I live by and it carries me through autumn, winter, spring and summer. What more could I ask for, really? I love clean, solid colored pieces with minimalistic, but bold silhouettes. Gold is cool, but silver and gunmetal trump it every time. Now, I am sometimes naughty and deviate away from the solids and welcome, with a warm embrace, houndstooth, plaid and stripes. I have a soft spot for geometry if you can’t tell. I have a million black shoes and purses because you can never have enough and black always wins. School and office looks (while being a bit tomboy, might I add) are things I can rock with, as long as we keep it sexy and set the boobs free! 


Just thought I’d share something’s you can find me in this fall. Well, once we overcome this scorching 97 degree weather…




He enters the room, dimly lit with iridescent flames and filled with the warm aroma of amber, sensuously teasing every aspect of his sense of smell. His focus is temporarily shifted to the hypnotic harmony now coursing through his sound waves. A bright light flashes, shielding his vision until she appears, her silhouette lit up with a play of lustrous color. With the next strike of light to fall upon her, he manages to store a mental image. Her skin, resembling a blanket of the finest silk, is draped in delicate black lace while her gaze mirrors the fire that begins to spark within him.

She hands him his camera as he unloads himself of baggage.  Backing away from in front of him, her body begins to move, simulating the cadence flowing through the speakers. She slowly allows the music to take over, not wanting him to miss a thing. Elegantly caressing her hands against herself, she starts firmly around the nape of her neck and glides over the rest of her torso, careful not to miss an inch. Gently, her tongue slides across her lips, leaving behind a moist landscape. Completely lost in a trance, within the music, within the lens, within his gaze, her fingers commence to dance inside of her. She’s his muse. She leads to inspire him.

As she continues to allow the magic to transpire from her mind through her hands, her body starts to exude an indescribable frustration; dissatisfaction for being incapable of handling herself as magnificently as the being who stands before her. A small breath of air escapes her mouth as her body stills beneath a familiar touch causing an eruption of passion to course through her. Opening her eyes, she notices the camera is nowhere to be seen, yet, the mesmerizing look in the eyes fixated upon her provide a more powerful pleasure than the lens will ever be able to.

With no camera masking his face, he is able to intake the ethereal beauty. His poetic imagination has never been able to encompass the experience he is now sharing with the only woman able to possess such a majestic hold on the most vulnerable part of his spirit. Before he is able to express his desire, she slowly lowers herself to the ground. Not letting a second pass, she found comfort in her new position, a comfort that led her to take control of what her hands fell upon. As his eyes and neck roll back, his legs collapse, unable to continue to support his weight.

No thoughts are able to access his mind as she fills it with sensation up until the very end. His mouth, now saturated with anticipation, finds hers before thoroughly acquainting itself with all that she is.

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Wanderlust : /ˈwɒndəˌlʌst/
1. a great desire to travel and rove about

Dress: Michael Stars

To wander about, seeking unity with nature. It is almost a reflection of an intense urge; one for self-development through traveling the world. It is to experience the unknown. It is confronting unforeseen challenges. My heart desires to familiarize myself with cultures and behaviors that I’ve yet to personally uncover. It may be as small as to venture right outside the comfort I find within my home, to smell the air and listen to the birds. It may be as large as road tripping across the country for a week, only to catch a flight overseas. The world holds so much natural beauty with which my soul feels connected to. To be one with nature and one with self.

I wander to learn, to love and to be delighted with life itself.